Manage and archive drawings and documents

Stop using e-mail and Dropbox. Manage all documents and plans in one central location. Folder structures can be freely defined. Folders can be locked and unlocked. Documents and plans can be versioned, provided with attributes and sent directly as a link from setcons via e-mail.

Document management

access rights

Access to individual folders and documents may be restricted for specific users or user groups.


Users can exchange links to the documents via the integrated e-mail system.


Previous versions of documents can be preserved and reside in the same document container as the most current version.


All changes to the documents’ attributes and all downloads are logged.

export to Excel

Download plan directory as Excel spreadsheet with all relevant data.


Fast search and various filter options. Also individually adjustable.

further functions

Manage more than 10,000 documents? ✓
Send documents directly from the document management system as a link by e-mail? ✓
Documentation, if sent links were opened by the recipient? ✓
Provide documents with attributes? ✓
Documentation of all changes to these attributes? ✓
Upload complete folder structure including all documents from desktop into setcons? ✓
Download complete folder structure including all documents from setcons to the desktop? ✓
Save PDF and DWG of same document in parallel and under one description? ✓
Set bookmarks for individual documents? ✓
Connect documents with objects from the building data model? ✓
Connect documents with events from the building data model? ✓
Automatic information about newly uploaded documents by e-mail? ✓


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