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Manage your complete project documentation with setcons Document Management System. Start with setcons from the very beginning of your project and lay the foundation for a professional as-built documentation.


Use setcons Interactive plans to monitor contract-compliant installation of materials and equipment. Use setcons for defects management and acceptances management. Use setcons for inventory as well.


Ensure the safe and efficient operation of buildings and facilities with setcons Service Access Points. QR codes connect all operationally relevant rooms, doors and equipment with their digital twins.


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Stop using e-mail and Dropbox. Manage all documents and plans in one central location. Folder structures can be freely defined. Folders can be locked and unlocked. Documents and plans can be versioned, provided with attributes and sent directly as a link from setcons via e-mail.


Create interactive plans from any PDF documents. With one click you get access to all data, documents and events linked with the selected object. The interactive objects of these plans and their parameters are managed in the object database of setcons.


Equip all operational relevant objects of your buildings with ID cards. By scanning the ID card with the smartphone's camera, you will be after successful authorization able to access all data, documents and events linked with the object.

Clients and partners

setcons has been developed with the support of many partners. Their projects significantly influenced the functionality of the current solution.

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